Paid Search

Boosting brand awareness, reach, and conversion while minimizing investment.

Paid Search marketing or PPC can produce immediate results while boosting organic search as well as online display campaigns. The approaches to this search engine marketing technique seem to differ from agency to agency, but one fact remains consistent, it delivers. Our experienced marketers are capable of conducting Paid Search campaigns across all of the major search engines, in over 40 languages.

SEM International offers a full paid search service from campaign creation, to implementation, to campaign management. In close consultation with our client, the following process is applied to each language in the campaign.



By far the most crucial and comprehensive step is researching the keywords, search channels and competitors.

Selecting the right keywords is essential to building the right foundation for a successful campaign. We discuss your target customer’s demographics, and geographic location and their interests. Using broad keywords to start and then narrowing down to specific keywords, we create keyword groups. We research the cost and competition for each keyword. Our team then researches opportunities and addresses obstacles in selecting and using keywords.



Before launching a campaign, an ad copy needs to written, landing pages need to be defined, and tracking needs to be set up. Our strength as a SEM agency is our strategy of having our marketers work closely with our clients.

Paid search management planning can include keyword research, creation, keyword categorization, campaign analysis, and bid strategy management. With all elements closely monitored both separately and collectively by our teams, we can ensure that all campaigns are linguistically correct and achieve the marketing goals.



Once planning is complete, our team creates or amends existing accounts with the various search engines. Setup of the campaign is performed and the devised strategy put into place. The various dynamics of the campaign and its created elements are implemented. Upon review of every element the campaign is launched.



The progress of the campaign is closely monitored by means of numerous analytics software programs, allowing bidding strategies to be amended, positive and negative keywords to be uploaded, and creatives to be reviewed. Amendments to improve and perfect the performance of keywords are the key to maximizing your return on investment. Our team closely monitors the campaign and assesses its profitability.



SEM International strongly believes in transparency and thus regular reports are compiled for each local campaign. All results, findings, and suggested improvements are presented to you, our client.

We remain competitive by maintaining a short communications structure, which ensures that reaction times are swift, avoiding complex budget re-allocation at the account management level. This means that a greater portion of your advertising budget is spent on action, rather than on our administrative costs. Our operations team is dedicated to the efficient management of your campaigns.