SEM International has expanded our services to increase our clients’ breadth of marketing opportunity.


Our digital marketing services encompass various aspects of campaign development. The following are a handful of the services we provide:

• Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing a website creates unique challenges, from differentiating the content to translation.


• Paid Search Management: To ensure that your campaign continues to perform optimally we update keywords and strategies to achieve the campaign objectives.


• Localization (Translation) Services: Regardless of the type of marketing campaign, our teams work efficiently and strategically to ensure the content is understood in the native language and dialect.

• Audits: Considered the most significant aspect of improving and developing existing campaigns, we analyze and custom tailor strategy for each target market based on your current digital marketing performance. Providing quality site reporting, best practice tips, and launch guides.


• Keyword Research and Development: Selecting the appropriate keywords is essential to building a strong foundation for a successful campaign. Different types of keywords will perform in different ways, and therefore require different bidding strategies in order to ensure they contribute effectively to the overall goal.


• Content Development: We use various methods to improve your content and the visibility of your content on the web. Reaching out to native writers, PR specialists and media sites we have a wide reach to fulfill your needs.


• Strategy and Consultations- Our client services team formulates marketing strategies to achieve the objectives, which will then be ‘translated’ into internal deliverables for the strategy team and search specialists to identify the most suitable campaign integration.