SEM International’s programmatic advertising platform gives our clients a powerful tool to expand marketing reach.

Beyond the utilization of programmatic display technologies our team manually optimizes each display campaign to meet advertising satisfaction. Going deeper than the standard report, we analyze data, creative, and landing pages. Understanding every metric then creating and implementing campaign variations we aim to produce the highest campaign gains.

Immersive Creative, Delivered At Scale


Leveraging engaging creative, granular targeting, and expansive data our display marketing campaigns create and amplify marketing success. At SEM International we understand that marketing has changed, customers and clients are now doing more research online into their purchases then ever before. Our powerful programmatic display platform and full service online display campaign management offers advertisers another opportunity to reach and engage with their audience.

Programmatic Display, Native & Video


The technology works in real-time and learns as each campaign matures, helping marketers meet goals and increase ROI. Bidding and publishing within milliseconds it ensures advertisers’ brand messages are placed in front audiences at just the right time. With access to a vast inventory across channels such as mobile and tablet, banner and video, and digital out of home (digital billboards) there is no limit to any customer touch point.



As a modern marketer and advertiser you know your customer and their behaviour, our platform helps expand on this knowledge. With the ability to precisely target your customer based off behavioural, demographic, geographical, contextual, and keyword targeting our platform offers many precise targeting options. Using advanced data and auto-optimizing technologies the platform affords the ability to reach new relevant audiences to scale your brand.